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Things to do when bored and feel like helping out.

Votes for Deletion[edit]

Make a vote!

Take a break[edit]

Take a break my son, and feel better - for you have made Wikipedia...a better place!

Talk Pages[edit]

Archive a talk page

Welcome Wagon[edit]

Welcome people using one of the standard user greetings or make up your own. Use {{opentask}} to leave an automatically updated task list on a new user's page. New users can be found by looking for red talk page links on recent changes or by querying the database. Efforts to co-ordinate the activities of welcomers are being made at Wikipedia:Welcoming committee. The {{opentask}} message gives newcomers some ideas of articles to work on.

Vandalism Patrol[edit]

Check here for vandals. Try to revert one vandalised page

Current events[edit]

Update Current events

Requested articles[edit]

Satisfy the desires of the Requested articles parade.


Patrol recent changes for some typos


Cleanup a page


Vote in a survey

Featured articles[edit]

Find an article to nominate (try recent changes) or vote for an existing one

Recent changes[edit]

Do the standard recent changes patrol