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HeadquartersDüsseldorf, Germany

Pritt is a brand of adhesives, tapes, correction, and fixing products designed and marketed by Henkel. Pritt invented the world's first glue stick, also known as the Pritt Stick, which is a solid adhesive in a twistable casing.


In 1967, Henkel researcher Dr Wolfgang Dierichs and his team developed a glue stick that resembled a lipstick in a twistable casing.[1] The Pritt stick was first marketed in 1969, and by 1971 was available in 38 countries.[2] In 2001 the Pritt stick was successfully tested on board the International Space Station and was awarded Space Proof Quality.[2]

In 2003, the PowerPritt, a KidsArt correction roller, was introduced, followed in 2004 by the PowerPritt gel and the PowerPritt stick.[3] In 2006 the Pritt tape range was introduced.[3]


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