ROOP (programming language)

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ROOP is a multiparadigm programming language made for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, created at Chengdu University, China. It combines procedural, logic or rule-based, and object-oriented programming techniques.[1]


  • ROOP is built directly on C++, providing full unrestricted access to all its features.
  • ROOP, like OPS-83 and ORBS, is data-driven but, unlike those languages, rules in ROOP may enter into local communication and this can be used to dynamically divide them into groups, including the problem status space tree.
  • Rules and facts in ROOP are objects, and they send and respond to messages just like any other object in the language. This ability is usually unavailable in other logic programming languages such as Prolog.
  • ROOP's inference engine can be redefined in a program, something usually infeasible in other logic languages.


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